About:  Liviu Ivanov

  • I am an artist born in 1952, in Romania and now living in California.
  • I came to the US in 1965 and lived in NY until 1984 when I moved with my wife and daughter to California.
  • I have attended Vassar college and received a degree in Political Science in 1975.
  • Between 1987 and 2014 I have worked for the State of California as a software engineer.  I am currently retired from working with software, except for this web site, and am slowly getting  back to creating art.
  • I like working with oils, drawing with pastels and finishing works in glass.   I am a nut about taking lots and lots of photos, mostly digital but the for special moments with my 6x7 medium format Pentax.  I have done some stained glass pieces, all highly geometric, and, currently if I work with glass, I only do fused glass.  
  • My other interests are: staying fit swimming, some running, for the past 10 years I have run in a 10k race in Ashland, Oregon and struggling with tennis and German.  The German interest might seem odd, it would have seemed strange to me when I was 20, but it has made more accessible to me the classical music that I like - Mozart, Schubert and the operas of Richard Strauss.  Through the study of German I have enjoyed reading Gunther Grass in German, especially the Tin Drum and am currently reading  other things in German.  I highly recommend Hans Fallada's 'Every Man Dies Alone.'


  • You can contact  me at ivanov.liviu@gmail.com.

Thank you for checking out my site!

Liviu Ivanov