About:  What I read

Since I retired from the world of computers, in August 2014, I got rid of an array  of books on SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle database, Joomla and others. I could not part with some Java books which I might learn in the future and kept some Drupal books.   I was going to use Drupal for my web site, but that did not work out and I got on Squarespace.   I have used a bit of CSS, to which I have made changes.   I still have some Java, UNIX and Drupal books which are hard to throw out.

On the left is a bookshelf with my favorite art books.  Within the last 10-15 years, as much as liking the books being about art, I like the fact that some of them are in what are foreign languages for me - the German and the French ones.    If I had to pick just one of all the books on the left to take with me to someplace, where I might be bored, I'd take the one on the right side of the photo, at the bottom.  It's in English, French and German and it would occupy me nicely for a long time.

Here's what I read or have read recently:

  • The New York Times, on a daily basis.
  • Wall Street Journal on Saturday.
  • Lettre International, a magazine I get 4 times a year from from Germany.
  • Recently read a very entertaining book, 'A royal experiment: the private life of King George III". 
  • Hans Fallada - Jeder Stirbt fuer sich allein - a book about Berlin in the 1940s.  Very good book, which is translated in English.  
  • Robert J Schiller - Irrational exuberance.  This is about money, have barely started this.
  • Recently ordered 3 books on casting and working with glass.   I hope they will help me create a Lalique like glass vase and glass bowl that I have in mind.